Being Fluffy

Many years ago, I worked in my daughter’s 1st-grade class as an aide. It was recess time and I was outside supervising the kids. There were some boys in the class making fun of another little girl who was a bit on the heavy side. They were laughing and calling her names like, “fat” and “fatso” and a few other fat-related names. I stopped them and asked them, “I’m fat. Does that make me a bad person?” They said, “No.” I continued, “I still have feelings even though I’m fat, don’t I?” They agreed. A little girl standing next to me, chimed in. “You’re not fat Miss Debbie! You’re fluffy!” We all laughed and I gave the little girl a big hug. I thanked her for being so sweet.

I went on to explain to the kids that everyone is different; some skinny, some a little bigger, some tall, some short, some with red hair, some with green eyes…. Everyone is different in their own way…..


Oh No! I’m Stuck!

Oh no! There I was. Stuck in the tub. I wondered, how the hell am I going to get out of here?

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I was in my therapist’s office. We were talking about how nice soaking in the tub would be…if only I could get in the tub. She told me that she receives donations from people who go to estate sales and she was given a bath chair lift. It sits in your tub and you use a remote to lower yourself into the water and then back up again when done.  She said it needed to be cleaned up but if I waited a few minutes she would run home and get it. I wasn’t even sure if it would fit in my car at that point. I waited and she went home and brought it back. It did fit in my car so I took it home and cleaned it up.

Photo from Amazon

It needed a charger, so I did my research and bought a charger. OMG, It was awesome to actually be able to take a bath again! (When you have really bad knees and mobility issues, it tends to be difficult getting up and down….and in my case, impossible.) I took several long soaks in the tub and was so very thankful… My therapist went above and beyond to help me and I could never express how grateful I truly am.

Anyway, a few nights ago I decided on a nice long soak with peppermint oil and Epsom salts. I lowered myself down into the nice hot water. I was relaxing quite nicely. The hot water, essential oil and salts were helping my pain level go down a bit. When I was ready to get out, I pushed the button to raise the chair….and nothing happened! OMG!! I pushed the button again! Nothing. I had just recharged the battery the night before so I knew it had a full charge! When I researched the lift, I read that if the chair doesn’t have enough power to lift you up then it won’t lower you down in the first place. What the heck was going on with this thing? I almost panicked. I sat there for a minute, trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get out of the damn tub! I didn’t want Dad to have to come help me — good grief. How strange would that be? I don’t think he would have been able to help me anyway. I didn’t want to have to call 911 because how embarrassing would that be? Especially since I know some of the EMT’s. So, I tried the button again.

Thankfully, the chair started moving upward, as it was supposed to. Boy, was I relieved!

Now I need to have a plan in place, just in case I ever do get stuck in the tub!

Good Laughs & A Tough Decision


I have 2 kitties with allergies. This I discovered after two $100+ vet bills where antibiotics did not do the trick. Ugh. Figures, right? I found a homeopathic medication for felines with allergies and it cleared Alice up after just a few days. Jack, started getting the “snotsies” as we have come to call it, and so I started giving it to him as well. He’s still snottin’ a little but he’s much better than he was. The others have not had any problems, thankfully.

On the subject of kitties, I have come to the painful decision of having my 15-year-old nearly blind cat euthanized. I don’t want to do this but she has started showing signs of Kidney disease and after having watched 2 other furbabies suffer from the same thing, I have decided not to prolong it. She must be miserable; as I’m sure my other 2 were. She has been having troubles with her bladder for quite some time and quite frankly, I can’t go on forever putting puppy pads around the litter boxes and in various “favorite spots” all over the house. Poor Smokie has had a rough life. I’m not too sure when I’ll make the call, but probably in July sometime.

On a brighter note, my two 9-year-old grandkids had lunch with us on Thursday. They haven’t seen each other for a very long time! Heck, I haven’t seen them in around 6 months! We had a great lunch and it was fun catching up! We wanted DM to have lunch with us again today, but he had other plans and couldn’t make it. Maybe next time! DM has a cell phone now so we traded numbers and we have connected in a new way! I am sending him puns and jokes and he has tried to trip me up with riddles! The granddaughter stayed until today after lunch and a little shopping.

Granddaughter is quite the prankster, as I mentioned in the latest Friday’s Funnies. She really pulled a good one on her (gr)Grampa, which was supposed to be on both of us but I was too slow getting in there. Dad really thought that lizard was real! That lizard made his way to the kitchen, with the prankster’s help but I saw it and knew it was her toy again. We did get a really big laugh when poor Jack was sitting there minding his own business and I moved that lizard up behind him. When Jack turned and saw it he jumped 5 feet backward and at least a foot off the ground! The prankster and I laughed our butts off! Poor Jack! I’m sure he called us a few dirty names.

The prankster has been very helpful. I wish she could come live with us. She made many of my chores much easier by helping. I despise being disabled and not being able to do things like I used to. She’s so helpful and looks after us quite nicely. In fact, after I paid the bill at the restaurant with my debit card, the prankster made sure I had my receipt and my card back in my wallet before we left. Yep. Growing up.

Why, oh why must they grow up so quickly? I thought I was “getting old” when my own kids were growing up. Now the grandkids are making me ancient. Lol.

The Leg Shaving Incident

In my younger days (way younger), I went backpacking with my Dad. We went to lakes in the mountains that were harder to get to; lakes where you wouldn’t find the average camping folks. We had to hike several miles to get to these lakes. It was glorious to be in the mountains, alongside a beautiful lake with trout jumping, birds singing…with no phones, no radios, no cars, no tv…and sometimes no people.

Normally, we wore long pants and long sleeves while hiking even if it was hot because it helped keep the mosquitoes off and kept us from getting sunburned. I didn’t mind wearing shorts around the campsite sometimes but that’s back when I was a teenager and had a decent figure!

Being a teenager of just 15 years old, If I was going to wear shorts at any time at all, I was not going to be caught dead with unshaved armpits or legs! Every 2 days, it had to be done, regardless of the weather! So, one afternoon, I gathered up my shaving tools, my towel, soap, and shampoo and headed to a nice secluded place by the lake to take a bath.

There was a bit of a breeze this particular afternoon, and I thought nothing of it. First, I washed my hair. I brought along a large plastic bowl so I could scoop water and not pollute the lake with soap or shampoo when I rinsed. I managed to get my hair washed with no problem. Next, I washed the rest of me and was ready to shave my legs. It was starting to get a bit chilly with that breeze. Still, not thinking about the breeze or the goosebumps forming on my legs, I started to lather up so I could shave.

When I was finished shaving, to my shock and horror, I discovered I had shaved the teeny tiny tips of my goosebumps right off! I didn’t feel any pain at all until I rinsed my legs. I was mortified! My legs were bleeding and I looked like a million mosquitoes trapped me in the tent and had a feast on me! The stinging sensation had me yelping and frantically rinsing, trying to cool off the pain. How could I be so dumb? What did I think was going to happen when I raked that damn razor over those goosebumps?

Obviously, I wasn’t thinking.

Jiminy Cricket

Last night, I was brushing my teeth, preparing for bed. In the bathroom, I turned on the hot water, not the cold. It’s a habit I (we) can’t seem to break. We live in a very old house, so in the winter we leave the water running just a trickle so the pipes don’t freeze up at night. We place a plastic cup over the cold water knob so not to forget and shut it off! It’s a real bitch when the pipes freeze! So, we got into the habit of just using the hot water.

I turned on the hot water, and for about 20 seconds the water runs ice cold. I’m brushing my teeth and leaning over the sink. The water starts to run warmer and then all of a sudden a HUGE cricket jumps straight up out of the sink strainer! Scared the bejeezus out of me! The water must have become a little too warm for Jiminy Cricket!

I turned off the water and tried to scoop the little BIG guy up and he wasn’t being very cooperative! He kept jumping, from the sink to the counter, counter to sink. He jumped to the floor. He jumped on my leg. He jumped back to the counter. Crazy little BIG guy! I was just trying to save his life. He didn’t know the dangers that await little critters in this house! With 5 cats, prowling for mice, Jiminy wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Jiminy finally jumped back to the floor and disappeared into the crevice under the cabinet. There was no rescue for him in sight now. He was on his own. Poor little BIG guy!

I expected to find a mangled cricket corpse laying on the bathroom floor this morning. My furbabies love to play with crickets! They don’t eat them because the legs get stuck in their throats. They learned that the hard way. I guess they didn’t find him last night.

Anyway, I’m sure I haven’t seen the last of Jiminy Cricket!