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This week’s ViewPoint topic is posted!


This is your safe place to voice your opinion on a variety of topics. Each week (or so) a new topic will be posted. Please review the rules below before leaving your comments. Your new topic will be below the rules.

The Rules…. Be sure you understand completely before leaving your comments!

  1. Your comment must be respectful. There will be no insulting, berating, name-calling, profanity, derogatory remarks of any kind or any other form of disrespect or personal attacks against another commenter. This is non-negotiable!
  2. No arguing! This is about what you think, not what others think.
  3. Do not add links to your comment or they will not be approved.
  4. All comments will be moderated and if they are deemed inappropriate in any way they will be deleted.
  5. Each post will remain open for comments for 5 days. This is subject to change.

Note: It may take some time for your comments…

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