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  1. No, I think the way you’ve set it up is fine. You set up a question or questions to us and we can provide our responses. I didn’t provide my comment to your “first” topic, because all I needed to see was the word “Trump,” and I didn’t want to read any further. I suppose I could have responded and said, “I don’t like anything about Trump. Nuff said.” I just didn’t. I mean, there is WAY too much that I could say as to why I don’t like him or his ideas, but it would just get me more irate than I already am when anyone brings him up. I’ve always hated politics with every fiber of my being, and it hasn’t really changed. So, I’m just giving you a heads up that as long as any questions will involve Trump, I think it’s just better if I keep my thoughts to myself. lol Because, you don’t have enough space here for me to tell you what I REALLY think of anything Trump does or says. lol But, hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I totally respect that. Everyone should be able to get up on their soapbox and be able to say what they feel. I read all the comments that were left on your topic. I agreed with yours as well as the others. The guy’s an idiot, in every sense of the word.

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    1. Oh, I agree with you about Trump and he’s more than just an idiot. He is a vile, hateful, narcisistic predator….and so much more. You are free to comment your opinion, no matter the topic my friend. There’s a lot to be said, for sure!


      1. I can’t wait till his term is over. God help us all if he gets reelected. I’ve got some other friends of my own (a neighbor I went to school with back in Chicago, as well as an old neighbor of Rod’s when he and his sister were kids, a couple family members (Rod’s side), and my own mother who ADORE Trump. I just shake my head and laugh to myself every time I see their political posts about him in Facebook. It’s a shame that the majority of posts nowadays that people are sharing are all political. As I said, I hate politics, so unfortunately I don’t bother reading those. They’re all about how Trump can do no wrong. *smh* Kool-Aid, anyone?

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