ViewPoint Update!

Don’t give up on me yet, folks! I haven’t had much time to iron out the kinks for the opinion series just yet. Hopefully, within the next few days, I’ll have it going.

If you missed the intro to ViewPoint, it’s very simple. It will be a safe and heavily moderated blog where each week (maybe every 2 weeks) a question relating to current events or other topics of interest will be posted for you all to weigh in. There will be rules and if the rules aren’t followed your comments won’t be approved. I will be moderating in a non-partisan manner, with hopes that we all can share ideas and different perspectives without being blasted by trolls and morons continually.

I have concluded that in order for me to be able to moderate comments, I’ll have to create a totally new blog, which will be linked to Being Aunt Debbie. (Unless of course, someone knows how I can moderate comments on some of my posts and not others.) It will take me just a little time to get that new blog designed… Please bear with me.

In the meantime, I’d like to ask a favor of all of my readers. Please comment below if you have 1) any ideas or suggestions for the new blog or 2) Questions or topics you’d like to see addressed on the new blog.

Thanks so much for your support!

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7 thoughts on “ViewPoint Update!

  1. Hey there my friend, well I think that how we (you and I) kind of went about out conversation the other day about the immigrant situation seemed like a good foundation for your ViewPonint blog. You can’t set rules like, no racist, derogatory, intimidating comments. It has to be completely a point and counter point on the topic, like politics (oh gawd, lol) social issues, environment or professional (career) oriented opinions. Those are just some of the ideas that popped in my head, while trying hard to drink yet another bottle of Gatorade, ugh. I hope this helps, I can’t wait it’s going to be really interesting one you get it up and going. 👍😎😉

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    1. Great ideas and I am trying to think of everything in lines of the rules… I want to stone unturned! There can’t be any room for misunderstanding the rules for sure. Hopefuly, my thinking cap starts working a bit better tomorrow. I’m a bit stupified tonight. Lol. 😀 Thanks for your input, always!

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